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Published on November 13th, 2015 | by IH guest


Finally! A Double Sliding Doors BESTÅ


  • 2 BESTÅ Shelf unit (120x40x64) ( 40€ each )
  • ILSENG 4 panels for sliding doors frame ( 38 € )
  • Aluminium profile E 5 mt ( 12 € )
  • Saw
  • Glue

I needed a double sliding doors solution for two BESTÅ shelf unit and since IKEA doesn’t allow that option on BESTÅ series I managed to create them by myself. I decided to use the ILSENG panels ( 38 € four ) that matched the black-brown finish of the BESTÅ, mounted on an “E” aluminium rail found in a hardware store.

Here’s the plan

Plan for a double sliding doors BESTÅ

The aluminium profiles for the sliding doors

I needed to cut the aluminium profiles to the right size and modify the central struts of the BESTÅ units ( cutting the first two cm ) to accommodate them. I also needed to cut the ILSENG panels to have them overlaying in a proper way. Fortunately the panels fitted in height so I needed to cut them only on one side.

Trimming the ILSENG doors

Cutting the aluminium profiles down to size

Finished cutting

Back at home I assembled the BESTÅ units, removed the wooden finish from the front end of the cabinet and glued the profiles on them, on top and bottom. I avoided using screws since they could stop the panels when sliding.

Laminate removed for aluminium profile

Glued on

Here’s the finished hack!

Finally! A double sliding doors BESTÅ

~ Nicola Cellai

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2 Responses to Finally! A Double Sliding Doors BESTÅ

  1. Hi Sally, the ilseng panels are 4mm shorter in height than the besta unit so they slide inside de E profiles that are on the top and bottom freely without any hardware. I only used some “silikon spray” for keeping the movement smooth.
    A mod i was thinking about when making this was putting some splined cylinders inside the E profile, but once i mounted the panels i didn’t felt it necessary!
    I managed to keep it quite simple and cheap, otherwise you can use some kind of rails, but i fear that doing so would raise the price of the hack of a hundred euros.

  2. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for posting this – I’ve been trying to figure out how to get double sliding doors on my BESTA! Can you help me understand how the doors actually slide on the E-shaped track? Are they narrow enough that the entire door fits into the track and just slides along the bottom, or are you attaching some sort of hardware to the door that slides in the E-shaped track? Any help much appreciated!

    Thanks again!

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