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Published on October 9th, 2015 | by IH guest


The IKEA VALJE wall mounted bike rack is in town

IKEA VALJE wall mounted bike rack

IKEA items used: Valje 35×35


Just needed to hang my road bike in my flat.
But wanted something that did not look too ugly with no bike on it …

IKEA VALJE - slots cut

I also want something cheap …..
A use my Bosch jigsaw for cutting and my “look a like” Dremler for finishing.

IKEA VALJE wall mounted bike rack

~ Julien C

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9 Responses to The IKEA VALJE wall mounted bike rack is in town

  1. Wouter says:

    Depending on the with of the side panels you could have even used handlebar tape to reseal those edges… Now that would be staying true to a theme :P

  2. Ander Ander says:

    Great—but won’t you tell us how you anchored it to the wall with no visible fasteners?

  3. Bob L says:

    How much does your bike weigh? I have a fairly heavy Gary Fisher with a steel frame. I don’t want to overload the box.

  4. Phil says:

    Love the hack! I also love how the bike matches the TRENDIG metal cabinet. Cool flat.

  5. Luke Luke says:

    Nice idea!
    And even nicer bike! :)

  6. PorkChopExpress says:

    Nice job! I made something similar with an old industrial crate but I added a 1/2″ pine shelf in the middle to so it could also hold my helmet. I used some 3M adhesive and a strip of rubber weatherstripping I had in the garage for the cutout area.

  7. Doorbaal Doorbaal says:

    Hi ! Very Nice Hack but what did you used to reseal the cut ?

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