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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by IH guest


Built-in Entryway Cubbies Using IKEA BILLY Bookcases

entryway cubbies IKEA BILLY hack

Materials: Billy bookcases, Blecka hooks, Byholma baskets, Tosig soft toy frog

Billy bookcases

I made my entryway cubbies using four white IKEA BILLY bookcases (15 3/4 x11 x79 1/2″).

I assembled each bookcase according to the instructions, but without installing the middle shelf.
Using a 4.5″ baseboard, I cut four 11-inch wide pieces and attached them to the bookcases.
I then screwed the Blecka double hooks to the middle of each board.


Removing a small section of the corner baseboard, I placed the first bookcase flush with the wall, securing the top shelf to a stud and repeating the same process. All four bookcases are held together using wood screws driven through the pin holes.

Finally, I applied some white caulk to both ends to hide any gaps between the bookcases and the wall.

I also installed a small, single hook BLECKA on the rightmost cubby, just high enough for my 2 year old son ;)

The baskets are BYHOLMA.

By Jason Wu

Idea – Two-tiered RASKOG End Tables
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7 Responses to Built-in Entryway Cubbies Using IKEA BILLY Bookcases

  1. suz says:

    How did you attach the baseboard (to which you attached the hooks) to the bookcases?

  2. Kirsti Cook says:

    This is a cool one. Wish I had room for it.

  3. Looks great, but what about wet clothes?

  4. Paul Clymer says:

    I my new house as it seems I’m not gonna have room in our house at this rate xx

  5. Love this simple idea!

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