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Published on April 16th, 2015 | by fludubu


BRIMNES too basic? Here’s how to add a headboard, lights and side tables

I wanted a new look for my IKEA Brimnes bed.

I bought a Perfekt Sofielund cover panel (217cm 86″) for 2 euros! You can do this with all kind of cover.

I also bought a LED strip.

I have also two Billy shelves from a Billy bookcases.

And you need some wood/screw to fix all together.

First step : Fix the panel to the bed

BRIMNES headboard

Step 2 : Fix the LED strips

20150407_192729 20150407_192746 20150407_192805

Step 3 : Find two shelves (here Billy shelves) and prepared them.



Step 4 : Fix them onto the bed.

20150407_193809 20150407_193819

Step 5 : Find a way for the cables to pass through safely


Step 6 : Enjoy the result !




BRIMNES headboard

KALLAX Toddler Desk
HURDAL with an antique twist

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One Response to BRIMNES too basic? Here’s how to add a headboard, lights and side tables

  1. JMC says:

    In my opinion, the union between parts seems extremely weak. A weight in the side tables acts as a lever with a long arm against a short frame square.
    The same applies to the headboard. Two wooden strips and a board screwed to both parts do not seem enough.

    Appearance is very good, but durability is highly compromised. Try to rethink the unions and look for stronger hardware to reinforce the setting.

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