children Modern Lego Table

Published on March 31st, 2015 | by IH guest


Modern LEGO Table Hack

Modern Lego Table

Magnetic canister with lego batman

I saw other elements of this on another site but it was too colorful, very small and without the shelf and bins that I’ve added with custom handles for a lot of storage. This table is all IKEA elements except for the LEGO plates on top. Hope you like it. :)

IKEA List:
Lack Table 25x22x18″,
Metal towel rack 22″ plus screws,
Magnetic Strip,
4 metal spice canisters,
Hanging buckets Green and white.
4 VARIERA Box, white 13×9″ and 2 9×6″ 4 Green IKEA Handles.

6 10×10″ Lego Base Plates (Blue & Green)

Drill, Wood Glue, Crazy Glue, Screws, Ruler, Marker,

Follow assembly instructions of the table and magnetic strip then attach the towel rod with screws.
I recommend using wood glue on both the back of the LEGO  base plates and table.

It’s very important NOT to push the plates together to dry. For Accurate spacing, use blocks to connect the plates. Let glue dry over night.

Attach the IKEA plastic handles to Large White Boxes with Crazy Glue. Be sure to measure so that each handle is in same place on all bins.

Lego table with Magnetic strip

Metal Rack & Buckets leg table TI

By Edyta Pachowicz

See more of the IKEA modern LEGO table.

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19 Responses to Modern LEGO Table Hack

  1. Carolyn says:

    I plan to build it this weekend, but realized they don’t carry this size Lack anymore so thinking it won’t work. Thoughts?

  2. Trung Nguyen says:

    I really like lego too

  3. Yes something to think about for the future!

  4. Jenni Wade says:

    I’ll have one too please?

  5. Andrew says:

    Very very cool project. Beautiful photos too.

  6. I would have had many headaches less, had I known this few years back. :)

  7. Linda Roets says:

    Yes – I love it!!

  8. Linda Roets says:

    Yes – I love it!!

  9. We have this in Mini Version ;)

  10. Love this! The people on my DIY/Upcycle group would love this too. .

  11. Chris White says:

    Very cool. Where is the hack that gets the legos back into those bins?

  12. Chris White says:

    Very cool. Where is the hack that gets the legos back into those bins?

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