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Published on March 3rd, 2015 | by MagCarco


Girly – Billy Shoe Closet

BILLY shoe closet ideas

Materials: 3 Billy 40 cm wide

I have this very nice closet in my hallway, I thought it would be just perfect for my shoes (I love shoes) when we bought the apartment. I searched a while on the net to find ideas to upgrade it, and i was on my way to buy 122 cm wide cut-to-measure shelves to complete my storage when I realized that 3 x 40 cm = 120 cm = 3 IKEA famous Billy!

I bought a nice wall paper (chosen by my 7 years old princess), some nice wood-molding, already painted. I put the wall paper on the back of the book case, which was trickier than I thought. I fitted all 3 Billy fixed together in the closet and fixed the frame to hide the space between the bookcases and the closet wall, and fixed one between bookcases, to hide the line.

I put the shelves with the front lower, to display the shoes nicely, and added a little molding in the front so the shoes did not slide et voilà !

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6 Responses to Girly – Billy Shoe Closet

  1. Yep, I have 3 largr billy’s with doors, so the shoes don’t get dusty…

  2. Curious how the moldings were added? Screws? Small nails? Crazy strong adhesive?

  3. That’s what I’ve done at home, but I have the doors on my Billy so my shoes don’t get dusty.

  4. We used the Billy CD shelf for our toddler’s shoes.

  5. I like how they used the fabric (or paper?) in the back. Also, did they apply some kind of textured moulding to the front? Really upgrades the look. I’d love to see a full length pic of all the shelves.

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