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Published on March 5th, 2015 | by Alex


Fyndig side table mini bar

side table mini bar side table mini bar 2 side table mini bar 3

Materials: Ikea Fyndig Wall Cabinet

One day when browsing the web I came across some images for side tables that were also mini bars. It’s a great idea, but the prices were astronomical. A quick brainstorm and googling for regular cupboards brought me to the Ikea Fyndig wall cabinet. A perfect blank slate for my project.

Once assembled the cabinet was simply rotated 90 degrees, and the addition of a cupboard knob from my local DIY shop and some furniture legs and a magnetic latch from eBay and my creation was complete! Also freed up loads of cupboard space in my small flat.

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  1. These look like beautiful cabinets. Shame we don’t get them here in the US.

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