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Published on March 11th, 2015 | by Chris


DIY Card Catalog / Apothecary from RAST for $75

DIY Card Catalog

Materials: RAST dresser

Shirley is very nostalgic for library card catalogs so we decided to make a card catalog. We settled on using a RAST dresser because of its hackability.

We added the following items to the basic RAST:
1) plywood faux drawer fronts
2) thin (3/4″) screen moulding to simulate a face frame cabinet look for the card catalog
3) label handle/hardware and knobs
4) stain and sealer


The plywood drawer fronts and screen moulding were glued onto the RAST drawers and clamped. See pictures 2 and 3 for their arrangement.

We were pleased to complete the project for about $75 (or $40 in addition to the RAST dresser).

Please check out the full details of the hack on our blog.

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5 Responses to DIY Card Catalog / Apothecary from RAST for $75

  1. Bonnie says:

    Has anyone done a real card catalog hack? How awesome would drawers like this be for storing DVDs and CDs… But all the furniture I’ve seen like this is very expensive or is just one big drawer made to look like several drawers. I would actually like individual drawers. I guess I could do dividers. that might be an option. Anyone do this already? I didn’t see it when I searched

  2. Thanks! Works perfectly !

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