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Published on December 30th, 2014 | by James


Multistorey Cat Litter Box


I wanted a cat litter box that combined the best of:
- Top entry to prevent litter escaping
- Forcing the cat to walk over a mat to prevent tracking
- Hinged door to reduce smell

My solution was a multi-storey cat litter box which has a cat flap at the top, a shelf, and a mat.

- BESTA Cupboard (60cm tall)
- RILL Casters
- Staywell Cat Flap
- Cat litter box
- Cat litter mat


1) Cut a u-shaped hole at the top of the side panel of your BESTA cupboard to fit the cat flap. A jigsaw is useful, but I was able to do this with just a drill and tenon saw.

2) Install your cat flap.

3) Cut another u-shaped hole in the BESTA shelf, about half way, being careful to leave enough room around the holes that mount the shelf.

4) Put together your BESTA cupboard.

5) Add casters if you want it to be able to move it around.

6) Double sided tape down a cat litter mat on the shelf to prevent tracking, and put in your cat litter box.

Ikea Uplight Christmas Tree
IKEA Lack Table is now a Music LED Visualiser

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47 Responses to Multistorey Cat Litter Box

  1. Ruth Wilson says:

    only a climber (some cats are climbers) would appreciate this.

  2. Lester Chan says:

    Cool, thinking out of the box

  3. Needs too much space – and doesn’t look really stylish… If you want to have pets, you must live with some cleaning work.

  4. Not a bad idea, actually just like this which I have had for years and used in my apartment and loved it. they also have a low model for the senior cats which I have too. Actually selling tomorrow since I have house/basement and don’t need now.

  5. Last time we used Ikea a Hacker to make a litter box, it failed miserably. Smell was intense and our hack ended up in the trash

  6. I would never be able to get my cat to use this. Nor would I ever want to try. What kind of cat goes from using an “ordinary” litter-box to using THIS?

  7. Very bad idea… Climb to poop…just think about it… Specially if you are a senior cat with pain in joints…

  8. How to Stop Tabby from Getting to The Kitty Litter 1.0.1

  9. Eric Lang says:

    Do they make a combo unit that has s trap door and trash compactor mechanism? Seems like you could solve multiple problems in one shot

  10. Terri Alice says:

    Not a good idea. A set up for litter box issues.

  11. Turn upside down when cat is elderly and arthritic?

  12. This is why I’m a dog person… Dogs don’t need some fancy complicated poop-box. Lol.

  13. Sheryl Lord says:

    wouldnt it be easier to let the cat outside and back in?

    • Karen LM says:

      My cats are indoor raised, which has allowed then to survive dangers such as coyotes, traffic and trains, avoid picking up vermin and diseases, and live to the age of 18, in 3 countries, so far. Outdoor cats live half that long on average.

      • Chris O says:

        Sorry, Karen, but that’s just not a fact where I live. My family has had cats for many generations; they all lived around 17-20 years. In most European countries cats are allowed to roam freely inside and outside.

        One of our cats died recently, at 17 years of age, probably due to the summer’s heat wave. The vet performed an [internal] post mortem examination and found it to be in excellent health. Never had any diseases or problems from being outside during Arctic winter nights or never-ending summer days.

        Cats that live exclusively outside tend to have shorter lives. Cats that are kept inside tend to die sooner than cats that get to go outside. Caged animals die much sooner than free animals!

    • Sheryl Lord says:

      i had an outdoor farm cat on a major hwy who lived to be 12.your point?

  14. Greg Weber says:

    Anything That makes litter box cleanup difficult is not a good idea in my book. Unless your cat is shy when he poops then this is too much work.

  15. Rachel Wells says:

    It’s an awesome idea, I’m just afraid the cat will decide it’s easier to poop on the floor.

  16. Rob says:

    It is brilliant. Cats are not that bothered about air-tightness. Mine spends hours inside boxes that are much smaller than this. I love cats but let’s stop seeing them as humans.

  17. Kerry Armour says:

    Mine would poop on the floor outside the door to punish me for making them use this.

  18. Wow, a cat-punishment box. I love the concept. :D

    (This is wrong on so many levels)

    • veronica52 says:

      Thank You for your HONESTY! I agree with your “cat-punishment box .” remark. I’m all for exercise for myself and my BELLA (my cat). I also believe if I put that out there for Him, I would find more ‘poop’ outside than inside; honestly I would return with the same ‘respect’ !
      Paybacks a Bitch!

      PS: I read a reply earlier (also regarding DIY litter boxes) this ‘cat lover’ was going on & on about how we should all do what he has done ‘all cats should be ‘potty trained’ & eventually learn how to ‘flush’!

      Again, thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  19. It use a plastic bin and cut a hole in the top. $10

  20. Rose Baca says:

    But how do you clean it?

  21. Unless you have exploding cat litter just putting the litterbox in an enclosed space does the same. I have mine in an enclosed storage box and there is no debris around either.

    • Rachel Wells says:

      My cat is the North American litter throwing champion – and has webbed toes so it tracks everywhere. I wish an enclosed space would do it.

    • Karen LM says:

      Yes, I am sure a cat box inside a storage box looks quite nice too. I used to have a larger home, with a laundry room where the catbox could sit. Now I have a Victorian era flat and the catbox sits by the front door. This design is too hard for my old cat, but sone sort of cabinet design is in the works.

  22. Deborah Went says:

    You should patent that and sell it

  23. I also agree with LingLing who comments about how the cat feels about the ‘reduced smell” I certainly do not want to walk into a small public restroom that smells.. (although feeding raw my cat’s poop doesn’t stink)

  24. would only work for healthy active cats.. older arthritic ones would have a hard time getting in that.. and you’d only know the cat was having trouble when it stopped using it .

  25. I agree with that guy about airtight shit hole. A cat will not want to be in that when it’s all smelly

  26. Nothing is wrong with what we have just needs to be cleaned often

  27. who wants to use a air-tight toilet… oh well who cares how the cat feel :O

  28. Perfect! Now get me a cat

  29. Perfect! Now get me a cat

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