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Published on December 31st, 2014 | by Thanos


Built In Dresser for Nursery


Used a PAX Wardrobe, BRIMNES Dresser and an Old BILLY Book Case to built a custom built-in wardrobe/dresser for a nursery. This plus a custom floating desk I did for my office was my first attempted reno project so it didn’t turn out perfect but I am happy with the final result. IkeaHackers sure did offer a lot of inspiration and helped motivate me to do this.





I basically tried to find two IKEA units that would fit the area I was working with that worked that had the same style. I built a based, frame and then pop the units in. I then added some trim and baseboards and that’s it.

I used an old BILLY bookcase to do the shelves to fill in the triangle space. Took me a while since I never had done something like this before but had fun doing it!

VIKA OLEBY, except better…
Thank you for an incredible year (and why I am heart broken … )

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13 Responses to Built In Dresser for Nursery

  1. Brittany says:

    Love this! Any idea what color paint you used to match the dressers so perfectly? Any suggestion on how to get such a great match for that

  2. lakeside says:

    More pics! What did you do to finish around the IKEA pieces? What were you using above the dresser to fill out the area with the shelves?

    • ejhemp says:

      He said he used an old Billy bookshelf above the dresser and the pics seem to show trim and drywall to finish around the Ikea pieces.

  3. justelly justelly says:

    Awesome. Looks great

  4. My favourite hack yet!! Brilliant

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