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Published on December 12th, 2014 | by Jules Yap


BEKVAM cart for kid’s bathroom vanity

Children bathroom

Materials: BEKVAM kitchen cart

1. I took off the 2 wheels to keep the sink fixed and stable.

2. I cut the 4 legs at the same height. To do so I disassembled the Bekvam, cut a first leg and kept this one as a model for the last 3 legs.

3. I took a sink, traced the shape of the sink on the top board, and cut the board by following the trace.

4. I placed the sink in the hole and glued it with white silicon for bathroom.

5. I protected the wood with transparent varnish.

It took me around 2 hours work per sink and I believe the result is interesting?

~ Benj

BILLY, Metallic and Stencils
TV stand from METOD cabinet

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11 Responses to BEKVAM cart for kid’s bathroom vanity

  1. emy says:

    Félicitation ! J’adore l’idée !
    Je suis assistante maternelle et je remplacerait bien mon bidet par ce joli lavabo !

  2. C.A. Mat says:

    This is adorable and I bet the kid(s) LOVE it. In a couple of years when it’s too short, the little ones can help make another!

  3. Ginny says:

    Great idea especially for those who might run an in-home daycare.

  4. Sincerely, I think the kids would have felt beloved also with a nice stepstool helping them to reach the sink.
    This is a very nice solution but for a restaurant or a public space.

  5. Doris Unger says:

    Its not the blame of the Kids to rise up such fast but its their right to have their position and respekt in the family. I think children of this family feel much comfortable and beloved

  6. Boney Gildroy says:

    ^^^^^^^^nice one buzz kill^^^^^^^ its an afternoons work at best including plumbing. Great project and idea.

  7. Gonna have to have alot of kids or its gonna suck for whoevers stuck using it in a couple years when your child out grows it lol…but its cute..maybe for like a public space..alittle much for in home

  8. For five years? Or even less. Look cute but…

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