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Published on December 3rd, 2014 | by klouseau


Aneboda Wardrobe and Brimnes Dresser Window Hack


I did not like the boring glass in my Aneboda wardrobe and Brimnes Dresser, so I took waxcloth (feels like table cloth material or shelf paper), cut it to size, and adhered it to the inside of the wardrobe and Brimnes Dresser with clear packing tape.  Looks 100x better!


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7 Responses to Aneboda Wardrobe and Brimnes Dresser Window Hack

  1. Sandy Perry says:

    I really like the look, good idea.

  2. I like this look – it’s classy.

  3. this is nice. I would probably paper mache bright tissue paper on to give a bit of colour :)

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