3D KOPPLA brackets mounted and in use

Published on November 6th, 2014 | by Pelle


IKEA “KOPPLA” Hack – get your cables of the floor

I got tired of getting tangled in the cables under my working desk. Every accessory has there own power cable and the power strip outlets are to few, or as for me always removing the laptop charger to bring with me. Banging my head in the table to many times ignites some creativity.

I designed a table bracket for IKEA “KOPPLA” power strip, to make it possible to lift cables of the floor and make them reachable without bending my knees.

KOPPLA bracket attached to table

I measured the IKEA KOPPLA power strip and made a 3D model in a CAD software and designed the end brackets, which were exported for printing with a 3D-printer. The brackets were printed over night and tried for size the next morning which gladly worked at the first try. The brackets has mounting holes to be able to screw it to the bottom of the table.

KOPPLA button side bracket

KOPPLA button side bracket

Four screws later my brackets were mounted to the table and bending my knees is just a distant memory.

KOPPLA brackets mounted and in use

Customizing my home will probably turn in to my biggest hobby. If your interested of the 3D models of the brackets are they located here (link no longer available).

Suspended mirror!
Embroidered Laundry Basket

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22 Responses to IKEA “KOPPLA” Hack – get your cables of the floor

  1. Frank Ferguson says:

    That’s a clever idea. That power bar looks like it was meant to be there.

  2. Jason Popp says:

    Does anybody know what kind of desk this is?

  3. Kitty says:

    To those who have commented about just using screws, the point of the hack is that there are no mounting holes in most Swedish extension cords. As someone who moved to Sweden who was used to such things, I think this is a marvelous “hack” because the lack of mounting holes is really rather annoying.
    I would say not just the IKEA ones but about 75% of the extension strips sold in Sweden don’t have them. Apparently so you can buy a separate item if you want to fasten them to something.
    Like this. http://www.jula.se/catalog/el-och-belysning/elinstallation/kabelforlangare-forgrenare/grenuttag/grenkontaktsfaste-406000/

    That said, velcro strips can work well too.

  4. Avan Khoo says:

    I fix them exactly the same way at home… Been doing that for years but not using any bracket… Just plain screws and the extension gang will just hang securely…

  5. Jeremy Butt says:

    Why not just use ikea cable management? – no hack required.

  6. Done that for at least 15 years – Such an old trick

  7. Wolf Simpson says:

    hung mine on the wall next to the desk.

  8. Not a hack. Who doesn’t do this?

  9. Cholle Diswe says:

    I’ve been doing this for years with my computer table and entertainment console. Not a new hack but I’m sure someone out there could use this tip.

  10. QC QC says:

    You can also just use the slots on the back that are already built in on the power strip for mounting them. Maybe they’re not on the European Kopplas but they’re for sure on the US ones– it’s how I mounted mine (unfortunately not at home right now and can’t get a picture). But basically all you have to do is this: http://lifehacker.com/5924745/easily-hang-tricky-items-with-a-photocopied-template

    Super easy and doesn’t require a 3D printer.

  11. Rok Hamler says:

    I used self-adhesive velcro strips to do what he did there because i didn’t want to drill any more holes

  12. I wish there was an Ikea near me; my wallet is glad there is not.

  13. Ronald de Haan says:

    You should patent this and sell it on the market. This is so simple yet brilliant!
    I wish i had a 3d printer to make this, but I don’t so I have no opportunity to get them :(

  14. Mei Ling says:

    By the way, no need for brackets or anything that damages furniture. Heavy duty velcro tape is just fine…

  15. Ha ha, good idea but quite late. I’ve attached power strips to my desks for decades.

  16. Mei Ling says:

    I did this YEARS AGO to both my desk and my night stand to keep cords accesible, organized and out of sight… :D

  17. Carr Barnes says:

    In the UK and Ireland plug strips like this come with pre-fabricated holes in the back for attaching to surfaces by hooking them onto small screws you put in the surface.. great for back of bedside drawers etc.

  18. I have that desk, good idea

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