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Published on November 20th, 2014 | by Przemek


Hall cabinet with high gloss panel


Materials: BISSA (102.427.39), EKBY LERBERG (501.687.23), EKBY ÖSTEN (601.439.54), RINGHULT (802.344.63)

Cabinet in the hallway made through a combination of high gloss kitchen panel, shelf, shoe cabinet, furniture legs (you can use legs from kitchen cabinets), brackets and custom hangers.

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We used cabinet with three compartments for shoes that was cut because the original cabinet with two compartments has cutouts for skirting board. On the right side of cabinet there is a place for longer coats. The cabinet is attached to a wall for stability. Panel has a hole for the tablet (home automation).

High-top Gerton Slab Kitchen Island
TIVED Kraken Lamp

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15 Responses to Hall cabinet with high gloss panel

  1. Przemek Przemek says:

    @Petra Schulten, @Lisa Jobling, @Kerry Armour thanks for Your comments. Yes the photo could be misleading a little:) This is how it looks like right now.


    Full height is 210 cm.
    Checked with our coats and they fit. We have a separate closet for coats. This is mainly for guests

  2. Or a matching mirror for last minute primps on the dash-out

  3. Better to hang up some plastic pockets for personalized mail distribution.

  4. Karen LM says:

    I suppose, as a sometimes used extra space to put guest coats, it would be great. Move the plant before they come over, and you don’t need to get at the shoes while company is over.

  5. Jenn Callum says:

    I love those doors! This is a nifty looking arrangement, but I’m with the others regarding coats hung up there. I don’t think I own one that wouldn’t hang down to cover the first shoe bin. And that plant I’m sure was put there just as decoration for the picture – no one would keep that there and risk it being knocked off by the coats.

  6. Maybe it’s for keys and purses, and there’s a closet for coats? :)

  7. Lisa Jobling says:

    In a normal household that thing would be mega full of coats and yes they would be hanging in front of it, but that is life! It wouldn’t look half as pretty once in use.

  8. Kerry Armour says:

    Hmmm….something isn’t quite right here. First off, the black brackets are too jarring with the white and look unbalanced, especially with the strong brown woodwork. Second, how can you hang coats with the plant there? Maybe the photo should have been staged with a coat to demonstrate it? Because it also appears that by hanging a coat it will flop at an angle over the shoerack and not only look wrong but make the shoes inaccessible. Nope, this isn’t a good hack…or at least the photo makes it appear that way.

  9. For owners of teeny tiny coats?!

  10. How are you supposed to hang a coat or retrieve it without throwing the plant down? How are you supposed to get at the shoes when there’s coats hanging in front of the storage?

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