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Published on October 17th, 2014 | by Noelle


Moppe Apothecary


Materials: Moppe with 6 drawers and with large drawer



Stacked Moppe drawers and used Liquid Nail glue as adhesive. Cut out board and used wooden legs as base, stained all one color. All drawers were turned around and added label holders.

Hutten wall-mounted Side-on Wine Racking
IKEA comic tables

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21 Responses to Moppe Apothecary

  1. susan says:

    how do you get the thing not to fall over. I already bought six moppe and I am afraid that it willl fall over. and did you glue them together? and with what kind of glue?

  2. julesb23 julesb23 says:

    This is beyond genius. I’ve been searching for an apothecary cabinet for a couple of years. Everyone i’ve seen that was suitable was £1000 plus. I do not have that kind of money. I’d almost given up hope of getting one as was about to buy some horrible plastic storage units when i stumbled on this. It’s exactly what i wanted. We braved a walk round Ikea yesterday and bought a selection of Moppe drawers. There are 3 sizes and types but they didn’t have all of the sizes. So my drawer set is going to look different but that is fine. Total cost of materials and drawers ended up being £200. And a bit of work staining, polishing, gluing, and adding the handles. But £200 is a fraction of what it would have cost me. I’m now off to start work on this amazing idea. Thanks so much to the hacker who took the time to do this.

  3. Daniel Poling says:

    Wow! If I hadn’t recently found an bought a credenza I would soooo be building this! I am highly impressed!!!!

  4. I’m missing the Hemnes furniture in the gray color!

  5. FL Mom says:

    It turned out really cool-looking, and I like the colored linings in the drawers too. The possibilities are endless: different stain, different pulls, laminate, any kind of paint, stencils… pretty much anything you want to suit your room.
    To those wondering: It appears to be four of the small-drawer chests (stacked two each on the right and left) plus two of the mixed-drawer chests (stacked in the center). The drawers in the center have just been rearranged so that the bottom set has only the medium and large drawers while the one above it has all the small drawers.

  6. Want the Moppe and the Fira back at Ikea. Miss them so much.

  7. Also missing this product.. Love your hack.. Let’s get ikea to sell again!

  8. Bruno Hache says:

    The book geek in me says this looks like a fantastic card catalog!

  9. Bobbie says:

    I LOVE this piece. This is so traditional and looks like it came from a beautiful historic home. You would never guess it is ikea! Thanks for the post. Pinning so I can put a piece like this in my office.

    • noelle says:

      Thanks Bobbie! that’s the look I was aiming for. I am currently working on a travel map and plan on staining the frame the same color to complete the wall. It’s been great for knick knacks, pens and batteries.

  10. there’s not enough space in mine too (i’ve got 4 of them ), its filled with siccors, zippers, needles, etc.

  11. Oh! I could so use this for all my art markers and pen making supplies.

  12. Cheryl Black says:

    This is a great hack for arts and craft….

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