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Published on September 9th, 2014 | by David K


Mid Century Modern Record Console


Materials: BESTÅ shelf/height extension unit

Starting with a BESTÅ shelf/height extension unit I moved the center divider to the left to accommodate more space for my records and to fit my receiver perfectly. I then cut one shelf down to fit and did not use the other. Instead of using the top I replaced it with some Ipe (a brazilian hardwood) that I made at a local woodshop. I then added some hairpin legs I had from another project.


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31 Responses to Mid Century Modern Record Console

  1. Omar says:

    How did you attatch hair pin legs to bottom of table?!!!

  2. Erich Taylor says:

    Can I buy blueprints for the whole console unit. I am a draftsman and if I could get a few dimensions like the measurements of the the cabinets inside and the overall height and length, also the H and L of the legs and height of the console form the top of the legs up. With only this info and the picture i could make a set of professional blueprints or shop drawings for this console, which I think is beautiful by the way.I could send to whoever built this as many sets as they wanted. thanks

  3. Hannah says:

    Does this unit have a chipboard base? I’m currently doing something very similar to a very old bonde unit which is very heavy chipboard. Am stressing over attaching the legs. Any advice? Was thinking of adding gorilla glue to screw holes and the L plates on the legs. Ridiculous idea probably XD

  4. Jake says:

    Where are the speakers?

  5. Dorothy says:

    How did you mount the legs onto the frame??

  6. James says:

    Love this hack! It has inspired me to build one of my own and am nearly finished but having a (very) hard time finding a nice slice of wood to finish it off. Dimensions I want are 50″ x 14″ which is flush with the front/back and a few inches longer than each side so that I can fit a pair of Technics 1200′s and a mixer. Live in Central Los Angeles and any suggestions are most welcome..

    • Stephanie Jones says:

      Typically you have to make a piece of wood that big if you want it solid. You can’t just go but a board that big, not in a good piece of wood anyway. An easier way is to buy a sheet of veneered plywood and have it cut to size and then finish the edges with scribe or veneer tape.

  7. Steven says:

    I can make the legs, any size, any color, or just raw steel. Give me a call or text 818-272-1212
    In Los Angeles

  8. Donald Carpenter says:

    Would it be possible to apply a walnut veneer to the original top?

  9. Gareth says:

    Is the right end of the unit angled out or is it just photography trickery?

  10. JC says:

    Can you please tell me how you attached the legs?

  11. Rafael says:

    I have zero experience in building or reconstructing something like this-do you think I would have any issues trying to build the same thing?

    I know I can buy the legs off Etsy and I’m assuming I could go to home depot for the top and have it shaved down to the right size (or do you have a better suggestion?). Any other issues you think I might run into (Screw holes, moving the center divider, etc…?) or do you think I could do it pretty easily on my own?

    • Stephanie Jones says:

      First look all around Ikea for a piece of good wood for that top. Check the As-is department first. Look at all the cabinet doors, cabinet panels etc. something is bound to fit. Or look for the good piece of wood first, then look for the corresponding cabinet that fits it. You can make a cabinet that looks like this with out using the exact same cabinet All of Ikea’s cabinets, be it kitchen, entertainment, office or bathroom are somewhat similar. Sometimes they have nice wood for countertops or office things. They have big table tops and desks that can be cut down and if you carefully take the scribe off you can reuse it. Tops are all sold separately and always found in As-is too. Or by a cabinet grade piece of plywood in a nice wood, cut to size and use veneer tape for the edges or scribe from HD, but you will have to stain the top. Or you can use something like a bamboo plywood, it needs no special edge finishing. However, that tends to be a bit spendy and you have to buy the whole 4 x 8 sheet unless you find some to share it. That could run $200 to $300 maybe more. The up side is that you do not have to do any finishing, just use a neutral stain, oil or wax it and you sre done. Here is a photo;


  12. Kirsten says:

    When you attached the hardwood top, did you use the metal “screw” devices from the original top, or did you attach it some other way?

  13. Dan says:

    How did you attach the top? I’m guessing there had to be several new holes drilled in this process?

  14. Dan says:

    any hints as how to best attach the new top? I’m guessing you had to drill some holes in the bottom? as well as when you moved the divider over?…

  15. alicia Hensley says:

    This is awesome. If anyone needs hairpin legs, I know someone who can make them for you at a good price.

  16. Jacob Forster says:

    Dam. I really wanted to make this but it doesn’t look like the BESTA shelf is available anymore

    • Asker Bjørk says:

      It is available, but it’s 64 cm instead of 38 cm in height. This would obviously make quite a difference. But I can’t really imagine if it would still be as gorgeous. What do you guys think?

      • Jacob Forster says:

        Oh that’s good to know. Guess I’ll have to go to the actual store for it. When you click the link, it just takes you to a random Ike’s page. Even searching for it on the site didn’t work.

      • Jacob Forster says:

        Oh that’s good to know. Guess I’ll have to go to the actual store for it. When you click the link, it just takes you to a random Ikea page. Even searching for it on the site didn’t work.

      • Abe says:

        The original Besta shelf in this hack was W120xD48xH38. Currently they have a Besta frame which is very similar that is 120x40x38. They just made it it more shallow. It does not come with a shelf but you can buy one separately. The problem is that my receiver is 46cm deep and will be sticking out if I get the current model. Any ideas?

  17. Fiona says:

    I love this. Nicely done!

    How big is your receiver?

  18. Wim says:

    Super! How lang are the hairpins?

    • Lukas says:

      I measured roughly the hight of the legs at the wall, and compared it to the height of the BESTA.
      they are about 20-25 cm so about 8-10 Inches. It tends more to 8 then to 10.

  19. Rupe says:

    This is gorgeous, a really great hack that is both modern and a throwback to mid-century modern!

    Might I ask: How tall are the hairpin legs you used?

  20. Nino says:

    Simple idea, nice craft with the top, all in all brilliant hack.

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