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Published on August 20th, 2014 | by The Nomad studio


SNÅR – Mat Light

Simple, pretty & easy  DIY Ceiling mounted hanging light

A round table mat caught my eyes while shopping in ikea. The idea of converting it to a hanging light immediately struck my mind. This mat was flexible enough to bring it to any desired form. I just wanted an irregular yet a simple form. You can play with its shape as you like!




  1. SNÅR – Place mat, natural, palm leaf – $2.99
  2. Hanging light kit
  3. 16-Gauge wire to tie the mat to required shape
  4. LED light bulb

Photo: IKEA.com

Images from Ikea website

Photo: IKEA.com


Three simple steps:

1. Bring the mat to desired shape.

2. Assemble the hanging kit at its center.

3. Attach LED bulb & light your space!

NS-2806 NS-2799 NS-2779 NS-2781

The light & shadows created by the net patterns are different every time they fall on the wall & ceiling. So this becomes an appropriate lighting while we watch TV !

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