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Published on August 12th, 2014 | by Eymeric Widling


Rustic industrial end table



You will need:

(2) Aptitlig Ikea Cutting Boards
(4) 1/2 in. plumbers piping flange
(4) 1/2 in. X 4 in. threaded plumbers pipes
(4) 1/2 in. plumbers pipe end caps

(3) 3/4 in. plumbers piping flange
(1) 3/4 in. tee joint
(1) 3/4″ 90° piping joint
(2) 3/4 in. X 5 in. plumbers pipe
(1) 3/4 in. X 11 1/2 in. plumbers pipe
(1) 3/4 in. X 6 in. plumbers pipe

(20) 8X3/4 wood screws
(20) washers for the above screws
(8) 1 5/8 in. carriage bolts
(8) nuts for the above bolts



Assemble the four legs using the small (4″) pipes, flanges, and end caps. Fasten the legs to one of the two boards leaving a 5/8 in. gap from the edges of the board.

Next use the remaining piping and assorted flanges to build the inverted “y” shaped support for the top board. (refer to pictures)

Centre the two flanges from the top of the “Y” on the bottom board and mark where the holes are. Drill the holes out and then fasten this middle section to the right-side-up of the bottom board (the one with the 4 feet you put on already)




Fasten the final 3/4 in. flange to the under side of the second cutting board, making sure to measure appropriately so the top and bottom shelves line up vertically. Fasten this flange using the remaining wood screws and washers.

Voila! You have a modern, industrial looking end table that should measure about 25 inches tall, perfect for putting beside an Ikea Karlstaad couch.


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One Response to Rustic industrial end table

  1. Gerret says:

    Awesome idea, one of my favorite builds on this site. For anyone interested, quick pricing of materials between Ikea and the home improvement warehouse with an orange logo comes to about $107 not including bolts and screws.

    There’s a lot of possibilities with this, well done…

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