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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by Brendon


Giant Work Desk!

Materials: 18 – 20 LINNMON table tops, 18 ADILS table Legs, 2×4 studs + flat screw brackets + 1″ wood screws

We made this Giant Office Work Desk made from IKEA LINNMON table tops for our company, (digit) in South Salt Lake.

Our team built this desk with a 2×4 stud frame and the stock ADILS legs.

It’s the best value for a work desk this size.  Please don’t mind the mess, we’re hard workers!

Office1 Office4 Office3 Office2 Office5 Office6

Staggered Molger shelves
BEKVAM for toothbrushes
I’m with you, Jules!
Here’s a high five
No, I don’t want to miss out on any hack. Tell me when the move happens. Here are my details:

The Author


Brendon is a life long hacker of many things. As a small child (maybe 5) he made a bicycle out of a pile of old parts. As He grew older he would take old speakers apart and see how they worked. Later he would design & build his own speaker boxes for friends and their cars. Now Brendon works on making cool prototypes and renderings for work. At home He's alway making things with an array of tools and a 3D printer.

2 Responses to Giant Work Desk!

  1. techjedi says:

    I like it a lot. The gaps looks like they are great for cable management. How much did you save?

  2. Brendon Brendon says:

    I’m sure we saved between $400 – $700. Maybe more. It’s really hard to find a table that big for less than a $1000. The gaps are perfect for cable management. We designed it with that in mind. :)

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