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Published on July 22nd, 2014 | by Bert and Ellen


STUVA litterbox for 4 kitties

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Materials: automatic battery-powered IKEA led light, STUVA, Trofast

Hi there, just thought I’d share my IKEA-hack litterbox project to your site. I needed a litterbox big enough for four cats so I checked out my local ikea and came up with the following:

I took a STUVA storage bench and placed two green TROFAST storage boxes inside and cut a rectangular hole in the front panel, about 19cm by 30cm. And rounded out the edges for a softer look. Pretty fast build actually, for added flair I mounted an IKEA automatic battery powered LED light in the ceiling of the bench itself, so it turns on when a kitty walks in.

foto-1a foto-2a foto-3a foto-5a

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. In the photos, you can see one of the litterbox in full use by my british shorthair called Florida while my rescue called Vegas is next in line.

Bert and Ellen, and Florida, Texas, Vegas and Denver, Belgium

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6 Responses to STUVA litterbox for 4 kitties

  1. Caite says:

    Like a two hole outhouse!

  2. Veronica says:

    Cat litter box near the fridge?
    The cat basket on the litterbox is undesireble too. It’s for cats the same as for persons: keep beds/couches/cat baskets and water-closet separate.

    Do cats love lighted litter boxes? I never thought about it.

  3. mikko says:

    I’ve made to models with the same Stuva products. One with a round hole and one rectangular.

    For extra protection for possible “spills’ I covered the inside of the drawer with plastic sheet.

  4. Sorry, this is the perfect litter box enclosure for one or maybe two cats depending on how fastidious they are. The recipe for cat boxes is one per cat plus one. So four cats need 5 potties. That being said, this is a GREAT Design for an easy to clean box.

  5. JP says:

    Catbox in the kitchen? Please never invite me to your house. Ever. Seriously, there has to be a dozen other possible places for this besides next to the refrigerator.

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