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Published on July 23rd, 2014 | by T.F.S.


Ramvik coffee table into watercooled computer


This is my Ramvik coffee table that I turned into a computer.

It cost £30 second hand so was cheaper than the wood to build it and saved me a bit of work.

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11 Responses to Ramvik coffee table into watercooled computer

  1. T.F.S. says:

    Also if anyone wants to throw me an offer for this project please PM me on the site provided in the link above.

  2. hunkyn says:

    @T.F.S looks really good can you post more details of the components you used?

  3. xorinzor says:

    That’s so cool, how much (except for the computer parts) did you spend on that? I’d love to build (or rather, buy) one of those myself! :)

  4. Daniel says:

    LOVE the result you have gotten here! Could you please tell me what watercooling system your went for?

  5. T.F.S. says:

    I have considered it yes, if there was demand then I would be prepared to offer a service maybe on ebay, keep your ear close to the ground ;)

  6. T.F.S. says:

    It is a massive case as cases go but it’s smaller than a coffee table with a regular sized computer sitting next to/on it, the top is blacked out so when the rig is turned off you cant actually see that it’s a computer at all, non geeky family and friends are unaware of it until it is mentioned or switched on.

    The fans are Corsair ultra quiet versions and for the purposes of pics the fans have been at maximum so the lights are at their brightest but in regular use even when fully stressed the fans are operating at minimum setting via the controller so its whisper quiet, its important that it’s quiet as it’s main use is home cinema and having an air con or fan humming away in the background during quiet passages would drive me insane and is one of the reasons I used the water pumps that you see here as I have found some water pumps to be noisier than the fans on previous builds.

    I may have time to shoot a vid with the iPhone, was there a particular part you wanted to see?

    • sayeh says:

      @T.F.S. Have you ever thought about turning this into an actual business? It seems like you’ve already had the right design mindset :)

  7. Rob says:

    Very cool…but a bit large, and all those fans must be loud, no? Can you post a YouTube video of it running? That would rock.


  8. Shahman Teh says:

    Same here. that looks zomg effin cool.

  9. MellyTattz MellyTattz says:

    Holy ****! That’s amazing! I’m totally geeking out right now!!

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