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Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Michael


Marius “Magic Wand” Bar Stool


Materials: MARIUS stool


I was amazed when I searched for stools for my kitchen island and found this kind of furniture is quite more expensive than you could imagine for what it appears to be.

So I thought to make an IKEA hack or allow me to say a magic wand trick and transform that cheap trusty Marius stool on to a 65cm kitchen island stool.

I used some scrap aluminium parts that I had around, pipes and rods, with the help of the lathe and the circular saw I made 8 extensions too build two extra stools for the kitchen island.

It is cool and stackable and it looks like magic wands!


marius bar stool 03 04

You can see more photos at my page.

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