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One word for this headboard hack – Glamorous!

I used 5 ung Drills to make this “headboard”.


I used 3 to frame same fabric as comforter and cut the other 2 for the surrounding pieces.

I cut 1 in a “+” pattern (vertically in half, then again horizontally) for 4 small pieces , and the other in a “Y” pattern for the other 3.

I hung the 3 frames over the bed, the middle one upside down, and placed the other pieces around it as pictured below.


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4 Responses to One word for this headboard hack – Glamorous!

  1. Ana says:

    What a gorgeous & glam hack! I actually like an upholstered headboard, but the ones I love are too pricy…..I think I may try to hack YOUR hack by purchasing an inexpensive flat/slipcovered simple fabric headboard, then replicating your look with precut, inexpensive unfinished, thin wood cut ‘frames’ that I’ll spray & then stretch fabric behind, so I don’t have actual bulk….or maybe even purchase printable or iron on frame decals to replicate. I LOVE this & it could go a million ways, great idea!

  2. siri says:

    thank you for taking the time to draw this very understandable picture of what goes where and how to cut it. as a visual facilitator i feel the need to let you know my appreciation for this effort! great!

  3. Danny says:

    one word – gorgeous! I love playing with the headboard round the year instead of sticking to to just one. This section is definitely something to look forward.

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