Published on July 29th, 2014 | by Caroline


Declutter your bathroom with GODMORGON and BILLY


My rental house’s master bathroom seriously lacked storage space, so I bought a simple BILLY bookcase and added a door to make it look nice. However, I still couldn’t find a good way to organize my cosmetics so that they’d all be easily accessible.

Finally, after wandering around the IKEA bath fixtures department, I hit upon inspiration: the GODMORGON set of 3 acrylic storage trays. I purchased two sets of the trays.

For a rack for the trays I used a kitchen cabinet lid organizer rack that I bought at a home goods store. I first used 3M Command Picture Strips to get the initial placement of the rack, plus give it extra stability. Next, my husband drilled eight small holes in the back of the BILLY, two in each corner right next to the rack, through which he then threaded small zip ties to secure the rack to the back of the bookcase.



As you can see, the end result is quite sturdy and holds a good bit of weight. It definitely makes getting ready for the day much more enjoyable!


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Caroline is a homeschooling mom by day, grant proposal writer by night, living near Austin, TX. After years of living at least five hours from the nearest IKEA, she now fully appreciates living just ten miles away, although her checking account doesn't.

3 Responses to Declutter your bathroom with GODMORGON and BILLY

  1. Mike says:

    Sweet! Now you can vote for this in the top 10 ideas of 2014!!! GODMORGON makeup organiser

  2. Magoop says:

    LOVE this idea! I’m going to steal it to use for craft supply storage in one of our kitchen cabinets. :)

    Thanks for posting!!

  3. Stella says:

    Guess Billy is not ment for wet rooms.
    Is it a good idea to stain the open sides of each peace?

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