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Published on July 10th, 2014 | by Barry Bedford


A Garden Catio – Cat Paradise!

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You will need:
Ikea 2014 PS Wardrobe – I used 2 for the main enclosures.
Decking Boards – I used 2 types, Plain and ones covered in astroturf.
Wire Mesh, screws and connector joints.
Dremel saw, Jig saw, Wire cutter.

1. Assemble the shell of the wardrobe(s).


2. Measure out the locations and size of the holes for any additional run(s). I had two addition runs.


3. Cut out the necessary holes in the wardrobe frame using a Dremel saw. Be careful and use safety goggles and gloves.


4. Assemble the deck boards and join them using connector plates and screws.


5. Cut the wire mesh to length but leave the width as this will provide height in the run. I used 90cm width which when folded over gives a height of about 35-40cms.



6. Attach the wire mesh to the deck boards using staples and hammer or staple gun. Be careful and use safety goggles and gloves.


7. Attach the run structure using connecting plates to the wardrobe openings. Bend the ends of the wire mesh around the openings.


8. I added additional boards cut to size to provide ledges and jumping platforms as the internal shelves that come with the wardrobe are difficult to cut.


9. Customise the wardrobes with the provided plastic pieces. I used some to hide the cat litter tray.

10. Add hanging plants etc to make it look even more prettier!

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11. Finally add a very happy cat!! :-)


More images can be found on my blog.

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3 Responses to A Garden Catio – Cat Paradise!

  1. lemming says:

    Thinking about trying this hack for myself. Curious to know how the PS frame stands up to wet weather? Any feedback?

  2. Manda Manda says:

    I love this catio! Great job! Thanks for the ideas.

  3. meggus says:

    This is exactly what I needed, as I’ve been wanting to build an enclosure on our back porch for our cats. Thanks! I’d recommend removing the geraniums though, as they are poisonous to cats and shouldn’t be placed anywhere within paw’s reach.

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