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Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Eusi


IVARTAR: The transformation of a shelf into a wardrobe


The making of IVARTAR…

Content: IVAR
6 shelves
9 boards
2 struts
1 clothes rail (not IVAR)

1. Build 6 shelves with 6 boards and 2 struts into a connected Ivar shelf.


2. Cut the middle board (in the front) to the lower foot and the part of the screw.

3. The shelves are supported by the horizontal boards. These are screwed to the original holes in the shelves, and then cut to the width of the shelf.

4. Attach the clothes rail at three points through the shelves with distance.

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6 Responses to IVARTAR: The transformation of a shelf into a wardrobe

  1. Eusi says:

    Yes, it`s tow Gorm units plus one horizontal board extra.

  2. Bri says:

    Just to clarify, did you use 2 x Gorm units for this?

  3. Lilu says:

    Do you know if I coul do this with the IVAR system?

  4. Eusi says:

    you are right is`t GORM – sorry!

    six boards/ six shelves and 2 struts are used to build a totally normal shelf

    3 boards are used for the horizontal construction after you have cut the middle board

  5. Josh says:

    Could you clarify which IVAR you used? I’m confused as to what the “9 boards” and “2 struts” are.

  6. miguel says:

    Looks for me like Gorm not Ivar, isn*t it?
    BTW good idea – i made one 15 years ago – just the same and it served me some years.
    Greetings M

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