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Published on June 18th, 2014 | by Karlstadsbo


Bigger bowl

2014-05-16 15.56.07

Materials: Trygg and Blanda

Flip the Trygg up side down and clean the bottom side with acetone. Apply UV-curing glue along the rim of the bottom. Remove the sticker from Blanda and clean it with acetone. Place it on Trygg and let the glue cure using a UV-light or by placing it in direct Sunlight.

2014-05-16 15.53.39

I used Casco Express Glas Ultraviolet curing glass glue as it is dishwasher proof and completely clear.

I also etched a pattern on Blanda by applying a stencil and etching it with Armour Etch cream.

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  1. MellyTattz MellyTattz says:

    That’s gorgeous! Brilliant idea for summer BBQ salads!

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