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Published on June 9th, 2014 | by Justin


Balcony Bar


The patio at my apartment does not have a lot of space so to maximize its usage I wanted to install a bar that was not attached to any external structures.

Ikea Parts:

PRÄGEL Countertop (1) – $80 Can
GERTON Leg (2) – $25 Can
EKBY STÖDIS Bracket (4) – $1 Can

Non Ikea Parts:

Galvanized steel strapping (25 feet) – $6 Canada

1) Measure and drill GERTON legs into the base of the PRAGEL countertop, roughly a 1 inch inset from each edge. Once the legs were attached they were adjusted to the height of the patio railing.

2) I then used the the EKBY STODIS brackets as a guide to prevent the countertop from sliding forward or backward along my existing patio railing.

3) To prevent the countertop from warping due to exposure, galvanized steel strapping was then used to further secure the bottom of the countertop to my patio railing.


Future Plans:

- apply a protective coating to the countertop to prevent any weathering from occurring
- add a railing to the edge of the countertop to prevent any accidents involving beer cans falling to the ground.

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10 Responses to Balcony Bar

  1. Corey says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the great idea. Where did you get the bar stools from? I like them.

  2. Shane says:

    would you mind sharing the dimensions of the countertop as well as your patio or balcony?

  3. mike says:

    where did you found galvanized steel wrap?

  4. gernan says:

    Hello from germany,
    well its pretty high, and I say safty first!

  5. Rob says:

    Not bad at all, but you should seriously consider blocking at the outside edge of the table to prevent anything from falling down to the people below. I can see you getting into huge issues if that were to happen and you weren’t able to dismantle this thing in time to hide it. A neighbor of mine across the street had plants hanging outside her railing she didn’t secure properly, they fell onto somebody below from just 2 stories up and she got sued into oblivion, had to sell her unit, and ended up declaring bankruptcy.

    • Helou says:

      Lemme guess… America?

      • Barb says:

        Helou, if you were clobbered on the head or body, by someone’s falling plant, or whatever, you would deserve compensation for your injuries. The person putting others in mortal danger must be held accountable, especially in any society that is attempting to allow freedom. Freedom does not, and should not permit any lack of accountability, for the consequences of choices and actions. America protects the innocent, from the idiocy of the thoughtless, at least that is the idea. Yes, this poster should put a back piece, on this balcony bar, to protect innocent passersby, below, that was my first thought, looking at the photo. And people should not sue, when they share personal accountability, for injury, but someone walking below, who gets nailed, by falling items, has a very good cause to sue. No, I am not a lawyer, or involved in such a suit. Maybe you live in a country where personal accountability is shirked, as your comment projects that idea. It was knee jerk anti-American, and I am not a flaming patriot, but happy I live in a country, where idiots may be held accountable, for damages to those undeserving of their harm suffered.

        • Rob says:

          Not to be “knee-jerk” anti american, but look further than your own country for possibilities on how to react to accidents (accountable or not).

          We (european country) are held accountable, trough insurance (this one is required for all citizens). This way accidents are what they are: accidents. Unless you did it willingly you will not be able to get sued. And the “victim” will be sufficiently compensated.

          Maybe we are less cynical and still believe in good will of people in general? Also we believe one mistake can not and will not make you pay for the rest of your life.

          Kind of off topic, but just wanted to point out there is more than one “good” way of doing things.

          On the mod: Nice job! this way your balcony serves much more purpose :)

          • Kate says:

            I have read through the comments and wanted to point out that an accident and neglect are different. A true accident is a fluke. When you purposely neglect a safety feature, you are entering into a gamble of, not if, but when the failure will occur. By adding a clear lip on the back, would lower the odds of Uncle knocking over his drink, or Aunt bumping into the the bar whilst getting off the seat.
            An example would be that most vehicle accidents are not an accident. People that purposely turn to try to beat traffic light that just turned red and cause an accident. It is just that, a stupid choice caused by the neglect to follow safety measures. They should be held accountable if bodily damage was done to another due to their neglect to follow the law. Like the people that go into a large crowd at a venue and decide to fire off bottle rockets, if it hits someone, that is not accidental. They went and chose to endanger people. Neglect is neglect and should be subjected to compensation.
            And… that is not to say, that there are far too many people that abuse the judicial system here with frivolous lawsuits. I agree, But I rather like the idea that if someones neglect and stupidity ever were to cause me or my family serious bodily harm, I have the right to be compensated for the damages.

        • Praglik says:

          …Definitely American then.
          I don’t get how it is possible to get sued to the point that you have to declare bankruptcy. In France, if you crush someone’s head with a teapot falling from the 3rd floor, you’ll probably have to pay for hospital cost which are covered by your insurance, since you didn’t do it on purpose.
          Around 2000€ maximum, in the very worst case.

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