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Published on May 5th, 2014 | by Kico


Subwoofers home

ivar hack

Materials: IVAR

My boyfriend bought a soundsystem with a subwoofer and I wanted to have a rack around it. I found the Ivar from IKEA, which has the depth I need.

Step 1: Cut Ivar. I need the height of 76cm and cut the side panels with a jigsaw.
Step 2 : Sand the cuts!
Step 3: Paint the Ivar white!
Step 4: Get some pallet-boards. I took 21 boards from about 3 pallets.
Step 5: Sand the boards with 2 different sandpapers. I first used 80 and then 160!
Step 6: Cut the boards in the length you want to.
Step 7: Sand the cuts
Step 8: Stain the boards, I used nuttree.
Step 9: Wax the boards.
Step 10: Drill holes for your screws. (I used screws with big heads as I wanted a raw look and a vintage look!

Dog/Kids Bench
Cat Tree with Ikea Lack !

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2 Responses to Subwoofers home

  1. des says:

    looks great, but Sas is right: this way you kill the sound.

  2. Sas says:

    Placing the sub this way, you kill the sound.

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