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Published on May 15th, 2014 | by maxvo


ORDNING Wall Mount

Cutlery Caddies can keep your kitchen clutter free, but sometimes you simply don’t have the space to put them anywhere. Well look no further, because there is a solution! With this 3D Printed Wall Mount you can turn virtually every surface into a cutlery storage facility.



1 x ORDNING Cutlery Caddy
1 x 3D Printed Wall Mount (or download file here)

How To

Simply print the wall mount, preferably in ABS. A printer with a heated printer bed is advised to decrease the chances of warping (getting a curved end product). Once you are done, drill two holes in the wall and click the caddy onto the wall mount. This hack may require some tweaking as you do not want the caddy to sit too loosely on the wall mount. If it doesn’t fit, just try it again and slightly scale the print up or down. Happy printing!

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Photos: https://www.hackerspace.gr/wiki/Cutlery_Caddy_Hook_Photos
Design: https://github.com/hsgr/3dprinting/tree/master/ikea_ordning

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The Author

3 Responses to ORDNING Wall Mount

  1. Adam Brown says:

    This seems a bit over the top to me. Instead of using the 3D printed part, you could have screwed the ORDNING directly to the wall using a screw and a large washer.

  2. Could you add attribution to this post, photos and 3design?

    This work was made at Athens Hackerspace
    Photos: https://www.hackerspace.gr/wiki/Cutlery_Caddy_Hook_Photos
    Design: https://github.com/hsgr/3dprinting/tree/master/ikea_ordning


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