3D Spare Parts

Published on May 22nd, 2014 | by maxvo


IKEA Spare Parts

Sometimes hardware parts break or get lost and it is not always easy to come across new ones. Hafners Buero (link no longer available) took the time to model some widely used parts so you can print them on demand. 

Spare Parts


3D Print all the parts here or

1.) Dowel (or download file here)
2.) Arrester spare part (or download file here)
3.) Rear Wall Bracket (or download file here)
4.) Rail Mount (or download file here)

How To

Print the files at a Hub in your neighbourhood or on your own printer. ABS would be the preferred material for all the parts, but every one has different recommended settings which you can find below.

1.) 0% infill, 3 shells, 0.2mm layer height
2.) 50% infill, 2 shells, 0.2mm layer height
3.) 20% infill, 2 shells, 0.2mm layer height
4.) 25% infill, 3 shells, 0.2mm layer height

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3D Hubs

Photos, print recommendations an design by Evelyn Schmidt

IKEA Expedit DJ Booth for LoungeBar
Ribba Light

The Author

3 Responses to IKEA Spare Parts

  1. abimael says:

    we are looking for a kitchen door item number 16230 purchase on date 07/2005
    we cant find the door at any ikea store

  2. Bachus says:

    Ikea may give away spare parts, but if you have to drive an hour to get there …

    Thanks for sharing the plots!

  3. Bob says:

    My local Ikea also has bins of spare parts in the customer service department. I know from experience they give them out for free.

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