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Published on May 12th, 2014 | by NosEmpire


Guinness Theme Bar


Items from Ikea:

Kallax  2×4 : 202.758.85

Kallax 2×2 : 602.758.12

Expedit drawer

Besta : 201.021.54

Besta : 501.021.43

Besta : 502.216.50

INREDA : 501.965.42

And then some Capita legs


Items from Ebay:

Car vinyl gloss black

Custom made Guinness logo


Items from Amazon :

LED set up


Homedepot :

Miscellaneous items to keep stuff all together.


I pretty much did what others did with the expedit/kallax units. I also split the expedit drawer in half. I also cut some piece of the inreda glass to make it fit into the smaller besta shelves units with a little tool bought at HD.

As you guys can see on the picture for the Kallax 2×2 i didnt use one of the side so that i can still use the fourth cases from the 2×4. The whole thing was all connected with some metal plates from HD.


Other than that the hardest part of the whole built was to put the Guinness decal.

IMG_20140507_210518 IMG_20140508_233622 IMG_20140508_233640

Narrow STÄLL bar
A butler’s pantry

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4 Responses to Guinness Theme Bar

  1. Little to no info on what goes where :/ .. All i have are these photos . great job btw.

    • Chris moua says:


      I am the one who made this hack. i didnt put too many info because i think the picture speak for themselves but here are some more details.

      the front of the bar is made out of the Kallax, there is some drilling need to fit the top counter. For the L shape of the front i used a 2×2 kallax but i didnt not use one of the side.

      For the decal what you need is buy the decal, buy vinyl decal and also you need some composite board that you can find at any hardware store, you can also use metal sheet what ever is better for you. If i had to redo again probable invest in some metal sheet would be better.
      Then you need some L bracket to connect the front face of the bar to the kallax.

      All the besta stuff is against the wall. and with the extra piece of the kallax that i didnt use i put it at the corner between the 2×2 and the besta.

      if you have more question let me know.

      • Geo says:


        Could you tell me which IKEA product did you use for the shelf on the top of the counter with the decal? I’m looking for a shelf to put on the top of my “IKEA bar” but I didn’t find yet.

        Many thanks in advance ;)

        • Chris says:

          I dont remember the name of it but if you are talking about the board on top of the angled capita leg, it is just a board for book shelf. browse a little at the store you will find it. I believe it was this INREDA : 501.965.42 but it is not available on the website anymore might be discontinued.

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