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Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Aurelien Metral


Never too many colors! (AKA Another Lego table)

Lego Table Aurelien Metral 1

When like me your home is equipped with white walls, any opportunity brighten up this one with colors is up for grabs! And what’s more colorful than Lego? :)

The idea stayed in my mind for a long time until a visit at Ikea a few years ago, and saw this coffee table with a modern and simple design, I knew immediately it would be the perfect base for my hack.

Lego Table Aurelien Metral 2
Lego Table Aurelien Metral 3

The table consists of a chrome hardware and a tempered glass, it simply took me a good amount of bricks (around 5000 if I remember correctly) and a MFD board painted black (to support the Lego which are not glued) and interpose them between the base and the glass, layered as a good cake! Et voilà!

You probably have already seen a Lego table, it’s not the first and certainly not the last.. but this is mine!

Aurelien. Paris, France.

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Lacks at an exhibition

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10 Responses to Never too many colors! (AKA Another Lego table)

  1. angela2011 angela2011 says:

    Was it Lego on the frame then the table top after

  2. angela2011 angela2011 says:

    Hi there can you send me info on all you got and how to do the table please ty

  3. Cyrill says:

    You’re table is juste awesome !

    What is the dimension of the plate ?

    You bought something like this
    or there is a better set to realize that kind of hack ?

  4. Aurelien M. says:

    i saw it, thank you @Ruth! :)

    @M I just put up the glass on the lego, as it is quite heavy it does not move at all.

  5. Ruth A says:

    Hey, I admired your post the other day and I have just noticed it has been featured on Apartment Therapy. Congratulations that’s awesome (as is the table!)

  6. M says:

    how do you make the glass top on hold on top of the lego bricks?

  7. Aurelien M. says:

    Not the same, the Torsby is bigger, plus the glass is tinted and not see-through.. not the best to highlight the Legos. :)

  8. Aurelien M. says:

    Unfortunately I have no idea what the name of the table is. Bought it maybe 3 years ago and was about to be discontinued, so from an even older Ikea collection.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Looks great! What did you use for the chrome base?

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