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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Andy


Manstad + Manstad = Massive U-Shaped Sofabed


Hi Everyone,

Here’s how to make one massive U-Shaped, very comfortable Sofabed using the already well established Ikea Manstad.

The Manstad is now discontinued, but you can buy second hand for around £250 (I got 2 for under £250 each)

[Note: You will NOT need to cut, drill, or bolt anything differently to the OEM specification - This is an EASY hack!]

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1) Buy two Ikea Manstad Sofabeds in matching colour (The later ones which allow the chaise longue to be positioned either end)

2) Follow the instructions, but instead of putting the chaise longue on only one side, place one on either side.

3) Enjoy your massive, comfortable, U-Shaped Sofabed!

4) Bolt together the remaining parts (2x sofa arms + sofa frame)

5) Enjoy your 2-seater sofa, which also has a pull-out double chaise longue, and can be used as a double children’s bed.

[Note: This hack may also work with the Ikea Friheten]

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Ikea Tablet rack

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7 Responses to Manstad + Manstad = Massive U-Shaped Sofabed

  1. Nadera says:

    Hi everyone,

    I only see you talking about the Friheten, but there’s another sofabed named ‘Lugnvik’ with chaise longue which you can fix either left or right side of the sofa… I wonder if it’s possible to do this hack with the Lugnvik as well?


  2. Sunnie Reagin says:

    Hey just checking- has anyone tried doing something like this with the Friheten?

  3. Sonia says:

    Anyone done this successfully with the friheten range? If so, can you please explain how it was done.

  4. Hey Andy,
    Your Manstad setup is to awesome, we can’t help but imagined how cool it might look with a set of custom slipcovers on it. PM me? i’ll make sure it’s worth your while with an offer you can’t refuse :D :D

  5. chorichy says:

    I’m curious about doing this with the Friheten. The back of the “sofa” part shares the back with the “chaise”. If you add another “chaise” on the other side, it wouldn’t have a back, right?

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