Wall decor new york (612 x 816)

Published on April 25th, 2014 | by Robert


Lego Landmarks in RIBBA

london (808 x 1077)

Materials: RIBBA frames

I wanted some original art in my hallway at home, and have always liked the RIBBA box frames. After some thinking I decided to do a play on the classic ‘London, Paris, New York‘ trio. I purchased models from the Lego Architecture range, one for each city, and a set of three large RIBBA box frames.

I painted the backing board of each RIBBA frame with light blue paint. I then built the Lego models, making adaptations where required so that each model would be able to fit in the 1.1/8″ recess of the RIBBA box frame.

Working with printed images of each city, I was able to cut out various shapes of coloured cardboard and glue them all into place to create backgrounds/foregrounds for each city.

Quite pleased with the end results!

paris (808 x 1077)
new york (808 x 1077)

See LEGO Architecture range.

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The Author

6 Responses to Lego Landmarks in RIBBA

  1. Saartje says:

    Beautiful handiwork!

  2. appfreak says:

    This is a great economical solution to display cool Legos, such as collections of custom minifigs. I would have never thought of the cardboard cuts to make the skyline, but I think it works very well because you have gone for a matching colour palette.

  3. Eileen says:

    I freaking LOVE this! I wish Lego had a Boston landmark so I could copy your idea with my own city.

  4. Martin Flockhart says:

    I’m going to assume they are not hung in this orientation but why go to the bother (time consuming) to do this then not rotate the picture files?

    Yours as ever.


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