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Published on April 29th, 2014 | by maxvo


LACK Table Feet

The LACK table is one of the cheapest tables around and can be seen in many households. If you however find this table to be too short, then this nifty hack will be just the thing for you.



1 x LACK Side Table
4 x 3D Printed LACK Table Feet (or download file here)
4 x O-rings (20mm inside diameter and 3 mm thickness)

How To

Print the files at a Hub in your neighbourhood or on your own printer. ABS would be the preferred way to go for durability reasons. Just make sure that you do not hold back on the amount of infill (do not go under 20%) since your table legs should be holding quite some weight. If you want to take it to the next level you could change the height of the legs with this .scad file and match it to your taste. Once printed, nudge the O-rings and screw the table feet into place, but be gentle, the LACK table is not know for its structural integrity.

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The Author

5 Responses to LACK Table Feet

  1. Pam says:

    Okay, I get the idea of wanting to raise the hieght of the table by adding legs and your legs are made by a 3d printer, which is cool and all that but when I click the link and it takes me to a 3d hub site which has a list of 3d printer owners along with their estimated prices which are OOTW (out of this world). and Here are some of the prices….72.00-139.00,38.00-100.00, 48.00-62.00 and the winner is 577.00(yes,five hundred and 77 bucks!) at first I thought that the prices where a general estimate for anything but after choosing a different item to see if the prices stay the same, they did not. The prices listed are for the legs and of course , by printer owners nearest me. I’m sorry but who on earth would pay even 40 bucks for 4 legs made out of plastic to put on a 8.00 lack table much less 500.00? Unless you already own a 3d printer this hack is not for everyone else. My suggestion would be to go to Lowes or Home depot to get the legs or if you own a lathe make them yourself. You can even put wheels on them!. I am NOT downing the hack by any means, The 3d printing is so cool ,I wish I had one myself ,it just may not be financially wise for most.

  2. paclema says:

    The main reason is that you can print a parametric feet, with the exactly the height that you choose. And of course, if you have 3d printer is cheaper ;)

  3. bxm says:

    “If it’s too short, add some height” – how is that even considered a ‘hack’? It’s an obvious idea, however I have no 3D printer at home so this would cost me more than adding simple wood.

  4. AFA says:

    If you own a 3D printer it’s indeed much cheaper, and you can design some much better looking feet yourself. Material cost would always be lower than 10€ for the 4 feet, even it could cost you +/- 1€ per feet for a low volume design.

  5. 3DEE says:

    I can buy the white LACK table at my local IKEa for £5. The quote I get for printing these feet at my nearest hub is £76. That seems like an awful lot to spend to raise a £5 table by 6.5cm. I could raise it by 5cm for £5 by buying a second identical table and using it’s top. It’d look better than those feet too.

    I really don’t get how these feet, or that JANSJO mounting, make any sense. Is it a lot cheaper to print these things if you happen to already own your own 3D printer?

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