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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Marco Schreijen


Ikea Tablet rack


Materials: VARIERA

While looking for a wooden plat rack to store my iPad, e-readers and Android Tablets, I came across this metal rack from Ikea. Only €4,95 and capable of storing up to 6 tablets…

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3 Responses to Ikea Tablet rack

  1. metai says:

    Not really a fan of the metal rods. I might be overcautious, but I don’t want to scratch my tablet collection.

    Instead I use the BOHOLMEN dish drainer: The rods are plastic (but sturdy), and the basket conveniently stores chargers and cables.

  2. D'Anna says:

    I used the magazine rack, Rissla, for approximately $10 to hold the laptop, iPad, kindle fire, and the other readers in the house. It looks nice, and at the price, I didn’t mind a hole for the cords.

  3. Lloyd says:

    I found the item above and had the same idea some months back. However I didn’t want the metal scratching my various gadgets either. So I bought some clear 1/2 inch tubing from the hardware store and slipped it over each of the fourteen posts (you only need about 54 inches and ran less than $3.00). To protect the center I placed a patch of leather I had lying around but you might consider re-purposing an old mouse pad or neoprene wrist pad. Anyway it’s been a great electronic gadget organizer for under $10.

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