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Published on April 15th, 2014 | by Mei


Home Network Wiring Cabinet


Materials: Besta Vassbo Cabinet w/Glass Door, Ekby Laiva shelf/bracket

This project started with mess of wires to get our house fully wired with networking and coax cable (Cat5e and RG6).

Being on a budget.. I found that the Besta cabinet was a cheap way to have a networking cabinet that can easily be modified to organize and hide the patch panel, cable modem and 16-port switch.

The biggest “major” modification done to this was using a 2-inch carbon hole saw bit to get in through the top and the bottom so we could feed the wires through.


After mounting the patch panel, coax terminator to the back I noticed that I had no room for the inside shelf. I had to cut about 4 inches off the back off the shelf to make space for the wires and patch panel. This had forced me to also drill two new holes on each side for the shelf bracket to adjust the height of the shelf.

At first, I was a little concerned about the heat the cabinet will generate with modem and switch, but luckily these devices have been running very cool. If it’s a problem down the road, I can always install a small fan on the side or top.

Below the cabinet, I installed the Ekby Laiva shelf that is super cheap. It currently supports my home media server. Overall, it looks great in our new finished basement.

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5 Responses to Home Network Wiring Cabinet

  1. Austin says:

    I guess it’s true what they say, “Hater’s gonna hate.” Thanks for the submission Mei. Hack or no hack, I think you’ve made a pretty nifty cabinet there. But, I really don’t think that the person who designed it intended for it to work this way. Which to me, makes it a legitimate hack.

  2. jan says:

    ok so you painted the “passepartout” – nice idea!

  3. jan says:

    It’s a very good IDEA – that’s why it is in the idea-section!

    It looks very good, thanks for sharing!

    • varun says:

      OK, but how do you tell which category it is in? There’s nothing to suggest one way or another, and given the title of the website, I concluded reasonably that there was a hack involved, and couldn’t see one.

      And by way of context: I’ve been using my Besta shelf for a network closet, with holes drilled in the back, rather than on the sides, for about five years. Given that I thought this was a completely obvious use of a shelving unit (putting things on said shelves), I couldn’t understand for the life of me what was unique about this submission.

  4. varun says:

    Sorry, I’m not understanding… what’s the hack? Is it that the Besta units are not wall mountable, and this has been wall mounted? I might be mistaken, but I thought they were indeed wall mountable. Otherwise, all I see is a shelf being used to hold things … ?

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