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Published on April 24th, 2014 | by Cedric


EXPEDIT Guitar Display


Materials: Expedit 5×5, GRUNDTAL spots, DRÖNA

I’ve always wanted to display my guitars so I can use them AND protect them.

I built an Ikea EXPEDIT 5×5 shelving unit but only respected the instruction for the bottom row and left the equivalent of 4×5 boxes empty.

Then I built a frame with a plywood plank and cleats, using L brackets to provide a light but strong structure at the back of the display. At this point I drilled holes through the plank to fix the guitar hangers – I chose the cheap but resistant Warwick ones, less than $5 each – and I wired GRUNDTAL spots through the back plank and screwed the power unit to the top of the shelf.

guitarhack_01 guitarhack_02 guitarhack_03 guitarhack_04 guitarhack_05 guitarhack_06 guitarhack_07 guitarhack_08_final

Once everything was tested and seemed reliable to me, I nailed the panelling to the back-frame. The holes through the plank helped me drilling through the panelling easily and I used raceways to hide the spots wires.

When panelling was completed I simply used DRÖNA boxes into the bottom row, my girlfriend told me it “kinda looked like small guitar amps”… kinda :/

I’m still looking for ideas to make it look cozier, maybe a bottom cushion or maybe I’ll cut off a part of the bottom plank to include my Marshall 1×12″ amp… or maybe I’ll simply glue Marshall / Vox / Fender plates to the DRÖNA boxes to make them definitely look like amps :) Any ideas folks? I hope you enjoyed the hack.

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6 Responses to EXPEDIT Guitar Display

  1. Cédric says:

    @Tristan: no treatment on the paneling, it was sold like that.

  2. Tristan says:

    great job, really beautiful! can you share what treatment and stains you used for the paneling, its so gorgeous!

  3. guitar picker says:

    This is really cool. It’s inspired me to created my own setup from the lumber section at lows, lol. Good job man. And nice rigs by the way!

  4. Steve says:

    Hack Sabbath!!! This is really well done. Love it. As for the ‘make it cozier’ question, you could consider PANYL for Expedit doors for the bottom, or use PANYL-by-the-foot to gives the white inside walls some color or woodgrain boost.

  5. Carla Cristina Alves says:

    my suggestion: why the person doesn’t make a hole in the MDF, doing the installation for the upside, instead of to put electrical ducts?

  6. DoigtDuPeuple says:

    Ok, seriously… Good job man! I was thinking of doing something similar at my house by cutting between beams and making an insert into the wall. But your build has taken this idea out of my head and make it so I don’t need to do the insert yet gain space to store albums ect!thanks for the idea and also the great pics that clearly shows how you did it!!! I’m giving you a big 10 out of 10!!

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