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Published on April 25th, 2014 | by Leslie


Dog Crate AND Bedside Table


Materials: GULLIVER Changing table in white and MATILDA Sheer curtains

It’s an age old story: Girl has dog, Girl loves dog, Girl doesn’t love dog crate. And of course, like many dog owners, I’d love to have something for my doggie to sleep in that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But at the end of the day, I can’t quite bring myself to shell out the big bucks for furniture that doubles as a crate.

Enter the Gulliver changing table. The dimensions are a perfect fit for my dog crate (which sleeps dogs up to 40lbs). And, the open bars on the side allow for great air circulation and light. Plus, the best part is the hack is super simple (which is key for those of us who don’t have a woodworking background, own saws or still get confused when adding fractions).

Steps are as follows:

- Put Gulliver changing table together
- Omit the middle shelf
- Insert dog crate
- Add a small tension curtain rod and some fabric (I used a Matilda sheer curtain, cut it to size and iron hemmed them—No sewing here!)

And voilà! You’re now the proud owner of crate/bedside table that doesn’t make you cringe every time you go in your bedroom.

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KVARTAL wall art panels
Lego Landmarks in RIBBA

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23 Responses to Dog Crate AND Bedside Table

  1. Olivia says:

    I really like your headboard. I wonder if that’s also your creation? If so, I’d it an Ikea hack, too? I ask because we are looking for ideas for our hemnes bedframe…

  2. Sophie says:

    Hello Leslie,

    this morning I saw your idea on a german website and was a bit shocked for a moment, because I thought my dog was on that picture! I am glad I finally found the original article. The other website only had the picture with your dog sitting in the crate, so I could not see its tail, which seems to be the only different part, because the tail of our dog is just white at the very end. But the colour notch of the right hind leg fur, the height of the white “sock” on the right front leg as well as its brown dots are totally the same.

    However, the first thing catching my eye was the expression of your dogs face, which led me to the wrong assumption that my dog was kidnapped :D It’s this wise and loyal look in its eyes. Every day I am overwhelmed by this look of my dog.

    We have two very adorable beagle!

    Maybe you can answer me a few questions:
    Where are you from?
    How old ist this dog?
    And what is its name?

    Regards from Germany of Sophie and beagle lady Nala!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Love this hack! Was wondering where you got the changing table or where I can find one like it and what the general price for it was? Thanks!

  4. donna says:

    Love this idea for my spare room. Question about the hack itself. It appears as though you left off the top front rail when building the dressing table itself. do you have any issues with it not being secure and being wobbily? Thanks

  5. Andrew says:

    I love this! What is the clearance from floor to crate entrance? I have a 4 month old pug/bulldog mix and would like to do this. I may need to add a ramp though.

  6. Gauri says:

    Awesome Hack. Even though I opt out of crating my dogs. I understand your point. I have 4 dogs and one of them HAD to be crated due to the tornado of destruction she temporarily produced. She made everything in her path into confetti. She was an awesome puppy but when she turned a year and a half she decided her nickname was going to be confetti dog. I crated her for about 6 months. She hated it! and would howl or pull things into the crate and make them confetti. I tried everything besides the shock collar, and aerosol collar. Nothing really worked but time. Now I have to have a crate somewhere in my apt. She loves the crate!! Her crate is open at all times. Whenever Abby (confetti dog) is missing in action you can always find her in her crate. She also likes to use her crate as her hoarding site. She steals bones and toys from the other dogs and places them in her safe private pad (crate). I will def look into making one of these for Abby. I am sure she will absolutely LOVE it!

  7. Lleona says:

    This is FANTASTIC! My dog LOVES sleeping in her crate at night but I HATE looking at it… Do you know what dimensions that crate is and, better yet, who makes it?

  8. Sheri says:

    Love it! What size dog crate is this??

  9. Tristan says:

    This is darling and ingenious. Your bedroom is gorgeous as well.

    As for the people who are opposed to crating a dog: I have two dogs who share their pop up pen and it is their haven. If the door is accidentally closed my boy dog will try to jump over it to get in, even when we’re just sitting around watching TV. It travels with us any time we go somewhere because he is insanely anxious and his pancreatitis flares up if he gets too stressed. Thundervests don’t work and we don’t like to drug him regularly because he ends up very sluggish and not aware of his surroundings. Without his pen, he would likely have died from the disease before he was two.

  10. Shayna says:

    Nice DIY! Why are people complaining about the crate? Necessary for many dog owners and like the poster said, many dogs love their crates as they serve as their den. Anyways, awesome job and cute dog!

  11. Andrea says:

    Really sad!!

    • Sam says:

      You must not have an anxious dog or puppy if you think this is sad. While many dog owners opt out of a crate, many others use them for their dog’s happiness and safety. My dog loves his crate and sleeps in it at night with the door open. When he was a puppy, he had bad anxiety and would chew through the carpet and furniture if I ran out to get groceries. Instead of drugging him, a crate helped him and calmed him because dogs have denning instincts. It is his space and he knows that no one will bother him when he is there. Is it sad when your kids go to their room or bed at night? I didn’t think so. And guess what? This is the same concept. It’s not a torture device and it’s not something dogs are left in all day. Often they need the separation and personal space, just like you and I. And although we do our best to avoid stressful situations, I’d much rather my dog went to his crate than hurt himself or someone else because he didn’t have the escape!

  12. Taryne says:

    It is so sad to see a dog locked in cage. I hope it is the first “toy” your kids take out to play with every day.

    • Amanda says:

      It’s a crate, not a cage, and it’s used a safe spot not punishment. When it’s stormy my dog goes in her crate and calms down. Also it’s the safest place for puppies who will chew on things.

    • Elloria says:

      I have a crate the dog can go in if he gets nervous. I also put him in it if I’m cooking (there’s hot stuff and he gets underfoot, if I tripped on him he could get badly injured or burned), working with tools (too curious about the band saw), etc.

      The fact she put this much effort into creating a little den for her dog next to her bed doesn’t strike me as indicating a neglected “toy” that is locked away.

  13. Leslie says:

    Thanks Laura. It’s an original painting I created entitled, “Mindfulness”. So happy it spoke to you!

  14. laura says:

    Your room is so lovely! Great hack with the dog crate! Love those form and function hacks :)

    Could I ask where your wall art is from? It’s gorgeous!

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