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Published on March 10th, 2014 | by pablingc


Ribba legs for Besta



  • RIBBA aluminium frames 12×17 cm 4 units
  • BESTA furniture 120×60
  • Two faces adhesive tape
  • Adhesive felt.

I have a BESTA furniture as TV set but I have a problem when I open the door, the door trip over the carpet and I have to move the carpet so I thought of adding legs but the BESTA legs are horrible and the underframe for BESTA is very expensive so I used the RIBBA frames.

I removed the glass and left only the frame. I fixed on the upper face of the frame the adhesive tape and the felt pads on the underside and this is the result.

IMG-20140127-WA0011 IMG-20140127-WA0013 mod IMG-20140127-WA0017

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2 Responses to Ribba legs for Besta

  1. pablingc says:

    Thank you very much Hirosaki!, I am glad it likes you.

  2. Hirosaki says:

    Genious!! love the (cheap) solution :)

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