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Published on March 4th, 2014 | by Carina


LINNMON Bar with iPad Mini inset

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My boyfriend asked kindly if we could have a bar with stools in our living room. Sure, okay; but we had to work around a few issues.

1) It had to fit with another MDF plate which was already mounted.
2) Measurements, we were looking for a 70x120cm tabletop.
3) Costs, we didn’t want to spend more than 75 euros for it all.
4) It had to have something special.

Walking through Ikea, we found a black-brown LINNMON table top. Color, perfect. Price, perfect. Measurements, less perfect. It measures 60x120cm, but we could work with that.
For the legs, we bought two OLOV legs. To finish it off, two high STIG stools would do the trick.

And for point 4, the special part was to include an iPad mini into the LINNMON table top.

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First, we outlined the iPad with a pencil. Then drilled a few holes and removed the top layer of the LINNMON table top.

The honeycomb inside is perfect to give the iPad the support it needed, by bending it to the right size and a way to guide the lightning cable. We drilled a hole into the side of the table and used a folding rule to get the cable through the table.

With a black marker, you can make the inside of the table black – to make it look tighter.

And for a finishing touch, we’ve added 4 RGB DIODER led strips on the bottom of the table.

Sidenote; this is the older RGB DIODER – The newer version has a turnswitch instead of a button.

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4 Responses to LINNMON Bar with iPad Mini inset

  1. Christian says:

    I really like this idea. Especially with the iPad. And I could imagine that there is also an IPhone, iPad Air or something to use on the couch, right? Point 4 is fulfilled: it has something special!!

  2. I’ve got to ask – the iPad Mini trapped in the table … why?! Hope no one spills their conflakes over it.

    • Carina says:

      That’s because we wanted to do something with the iPad. It was collecting dust for weeks and now we can use it again. Also, it is nice and easy to pull it out of the table again. We can cover the hole with a smartcover, so that’s not the problem. :)
      There will be one if someone spills their beer or something else over it – but hey, that’s the risk ;) .

      • John says:

        How is installing the iPad in the table going to make you able to use it again? Does it not work on the couch?

        Sorry, but this is pointless integration of technology just for the sake of it. “Hey look, my bar has an iPad installed in it.” Um, great for you, I’ll be over here using mine on the couch where I don’t have to hunch down over the bar to use it.

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