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Published on March 28th, 2014 | by Florian


LERBERG² industrial sideboard



Few months ago I bought 2 Lerberg CD/DVD shelves. They ended being useless, since I don’t use the obsolete plastic discs anymore…

What to do now with those shelves?

Two Lerberg CD/DVD shelves + Oak floorboards = a perfect sideboard in a corridor!

You will need:

-2 IKEA Lerberg CD/DVD shelves
-8 wood floorboards (70mm wide)
-8 threaded spindles (diameter 6mm)
-few meters of wood wedge
-drill, saw, glue, clamps…


Lerberg shelves are very sturdy and their shape is a good basis to build anything possible. Here I use them as legs supporting the oak (solid) shelves.


Each Lerberg shelf has originally four threaded holes, used to hang them on a wall so I decided to take profit of those holes with threaded spindles, in order to keep the 2 elements distant from each other, thus making a standing structure.


It’s quite tricky to find the right length for the spindles since they have to match the length of the floorboards plus some extra length to allow it to screw into the threaded holes of the 2 lerberg shelves… Once you find the right distance between the two units, you get the main structure of the sideboard. Also, don’t forget that you need to drill extra holes to insert more spindles. I used tape to locate precisely the position of the spindle.

Side effect is, the furniture has no screw at all ;-)

For the shelves, I was lucky enough to find the perfect width of floorboard : 70mm. After applying some coating, I assembled the different elements on the metal structure like this :


Glue is not compulsory but highly recommended ;-)


To improve the stability of the furniture, you can use cable bracing against its back. Here is a trick, cost is near zero :

Use thin metallic cable and a common sugar you would use normally for electricity. You just need to strip the plastic case around the metal core!


Here is the final result :


Solid oak marries perfectly with the anthracite color of the Lerberg shelf!

Be inspired!

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7 Responses to LERBERG² industrial sideboard

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Florian!
    I need some advice as I will be trying this hack with 4 white Lerbergs and plywood I will have to get cut to size. I might try to rest the wood on the existing bars rather than using the threaded spindles: I would love to keep the drillink to the minimum as I’m not very handy or maybe use C-shaped metal brackets to secure the wood…
    Any helpful advice for me?

  2. Rasmus says:

    Ahhh! That was the one word I hadn’t considered; sucre. I don’t think it translates ;-)

  3. Florian Florian says:

    Patricia, ce meuble serait parfait dans une entrée! J’ai mis le mien dans une (trop) petite salle de bain.

    Cutler, the reason why I say they are obsolete for me fits into 4 letters : HTPC

    Rasmus, I meant those things :

    They are known colloquially as “sugar” or “domino” in french :-)

    • Cleg says:

      Bonjour Florian, superbe idée de meuble, je vais pouvoir construire mmon étagère à Bluray :-)

      par contre je ne comprend pas comment tu “assemble” les 2 parties sans utiliser d’écrou? en utilisant les filetage déja présent en vissant d’un coté on dévisse de l’autre non?

  4. Rasmus says:

    I’m struggling to decode this sentence: Use thin metallic cable and a common sugar you would use normally for electricity.

    I know what you mean, but can’t think of the French word for connection that translates into sugar :-)

  5. Cutler says:

    (Though I wonder why the “plastic discs” are so suddenly “obsolete” but just a few months ago when you bought the shelfs as you said they obviously weren’t yet.)

  6. Patricia says:

    Bravo, c’est une super idée et il est fort probable que je vous la pique!
    Merci de partager avec nous.
    Salutations du sud!

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