Pet furniture Fullen sink base cabinet as a littler box cover

Published on March 19th, 2014 | by albaleal


Kitty Litter case cover made of Fullen Sink Base Cabinet

The need:  To cover our cats’ litter box.

The solution:  We looked into other very expensive and sometimes no-so-practical solutions. Inspired by some Ikea Hacks ideas, we went to the store determined to find a solution.  We came across the Fullen Sink Base cabinet with two doors and aha! we found what we needed (Just never used the legs).  The opening is perfect for our our cats. As it is not very high,  we got disposable litter boxes at Petco.  Cleaning the litter box is now a breeze, all there is to do is to open the two doors wide and take care of business without complications.

Fullen sink base cabinet as a littler box cover

Alco y Alba
Sunnyvale, CA

IKEA Watchmakertable
NORDEN Sofa Table turned kids’ creativity centre

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  1. Ostracon says:

    I love the idea, but practically, this wouldn’t work out in my household. Given that the depth of the cabinet (now the height measurement, with the cabinet laying on its back) is only 13 3/4″ with a door thickness around 1/2″, and that the recommended litter depth is 3″, that leave just about 10″ for the cat to dig/squat. Even if your cat is a deep digger, 13″ isn’t sufficient headroom for a normal sized cat. Building a frame to go under this would raise it up. Alternately, you could turn it upright and use it as a top-entry litterbox, but the depth may not be wide enough for the litterbox.

    One of the problems I have with my colony is that I have two that like to ambush each other outside the enclosed litterbox, so I would use this idea to make a litterbox with two entrances using two cabinets: Build one with the cutout panels on the top and bottom; build the other with the two solid bottoms, leaving the backs off of each then put them together back to back. Or put two together back to back to make a large top entry. Lots of possibilities.

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