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Published on March 19th, 2014 | by SD Cr8


How about a drawer for BILLY (and LACK)?

002x 071x

SD (Space Drawer).

Materials: BILLY, LACK

Something I made for BILLY (which also works with LACK).

Been working on this for a while and am really pleased with it. You can visit my website ( which has many pictures showcasing the SD.

Self made/designed. Works a treat for small-item storage and fits well into the BILLY and LACK’s look, looks virtually a standard.


There are also other add-ons – Page-Hi and the Pender.

Makes a great present for BILLY’s 35th.

Thanks for viewing,


See more of the Space Drawer.

BESTA floating glass bar table
IKEA Watchmakertable

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3 Responses to How about a drawer for BILLY (and LACK)?

  1. F Saunders (not F) says:

    It looks a lot like the custom industrial plastic drawers my uncle and grandpa used to sell in the 80s.

  2. jon_chalk jon_chalk says:

    I agree with “F”‘s post. The site lacks any instructions. Even their “details” link do not show details. The idea is wonderful. The drawers look very nice and functional.

  3. F says:

    While this looks cool, this is not so much a hack as it is a promotional post. The link contains absolutely no instructions on how to make it, just a bunch of pictures of it already finished and installed. That’s not at all helpful.

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