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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Jamie Dorobek


Expedit Long Bench + Cushions


Materials:  EXPEDIT Shelves and IKEA Fabric

I turned 2 EXPEDIT shelves into one long bench! I love that the bench doubles as storage for the nursery. Then used a super simple sewing technique to make cushions for the bench with IKEA fabric.

Tutorial for cushions.

More about the benches.

Adding Depth (and Swagger) to IKEA’s Otherwise Flat Hexagonal Hönefoss Mirrors
DIY Cork Board

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3 Responses to Expedit Long Bench + Cushions

  1. hothead says:

    Looks great! Is it comfortable to sit on? I’m thinking of making one, but concerned that sitting on it, people will try to put their feet in the cubbies, pushing the stuff in them out or getting it dirty. How has it worked for you?

  2. John Malcolm says:

    This is pretty neat…I think we can repurpose this idea into a bed frame.

  3. Tommy Voyd says:

    Wow, very useful and interesting ideas. Just right for a limited room space like ours. Thanks for sharing!

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