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Published on March 20th, 2014 | by Louis


Dachshund ramp Ikeahack


Materials: RAST bedside table, EKBY JARPEN shelf, BORRIS door mats x 2

It was finally time (after procrastinating for years), to put together ramp for Chiro our Dachshund.

First we attached hinges to the (unbuilt) side of the RAST table, doing this allows you to build the table first.

Hinges screwed in, it was time to build the RAST table. Very simple and straightforward build, just line everything up and pop in all the screws.

Side table built, we flipped it upside down to measure and mark out where to attach the hinges on the EKBY shelf. With the areas to attach screws marked, we used a power drill to make small indentations so the screws will line up better.

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Once all the screws are attached, just flip everything the right side up. It’s almost done!

Cut up the BORRIS door mats to make 3 separate small placemats with nice rounded edges, just use the sides of the door mat as a template and mark out where cutting is needed.

Once that is done, use contact glue and carefully place the already-cut door mats onto the shelf. Leave it for a few hours for the glue to dry and all done! We also affixed some floor protection studs on the base of the ramp and table.

NORDEN Sofa Table turned kids’ creativity centre
Ikea FNISS Wastebins form structural art

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4 Responses to Dachshund ramp Ikeahack

  1. Marlyn says:

    Please send dimensions on bedside table with ramp. My doxy is 5years old and overweight, this is the best ramp I have seen. Thanks

  2. Chad says:

    Genius idea! I’ve always dreaded having to pay 75-80 dollars for stairs I’m not sure my doxies would even use. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jenny says:

    What does doggy use the ramp for? To peer out the window?

  4. Véronique says:

    Very good idea ! Bravo

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