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Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Sonia


A bright idea


Materials: HÖJDARE

On recent trip to Ikea I wanted ceiling light shades that weren’t the ‘pendant’ kind (which need to be fitted by an electrician – too expensive!) and couldn’t find any I liked. So, a quick double back down in the market hall to the office storage section, to pick out a couple of HÖJDARE waste paper baskets.

rsz_p3201399 rsz_p3201401

Turning them into lightshades was simple. I took out the light globe and unscrewed the outer socket bit (sorry for lack of terminology). Then placed the round socket piece in the middle of the bottom of the basket and traced around it. I then cut out a slightly smaller circle than this in the basket using a Stanley knife.

Finally, I fitted the basket around the light globe socket and screwed in the outer plastic bit, making the light shade secure and put the light globe back in.

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3 Responses to A bright idea

  1. Cabber says:

    You can get can light adapters to make a pendant

  2. Jenny says:

    I’d feel better about that if those were LED bulbs. The base of CFLs can get fairly hot. I fear the heat would dry out the wicker material over time and eventually start smoldering.

  3. Sally p says:

    Fire risk?

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