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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by AgaP./


SOCKER nightstand: The Greenhouse Effect


1. Buy Ikea Socker greenhouse.
2. Take the front Plexiglas out.
3. Attach a piece of patterned wallpaper to the back side.
4. Put it on your night table and that’s it! Done!

Arrangement possibilities unlimited!

To see more (men’s version included) visit my blog.

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2 Responses to SOCKER nightstand: The Greenhouse Effect

  1. FL Mom says:

    Quick and clever! I really like the idea of using the “roof” as a spot to place an open book/magazine. It’s just the right shape and leaves the rest of the area below still available for other stuff. And because the roof is slanted, you’re not likely to put something else on it that could slide off, so the spot is always ready for plonking a book down.

  2. nancy terry says:

    Ive been looking at your mac computer wall mount desk. I love it, but I cant find a link to order it on your web sight? Id really like to purchase it. please help me?

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