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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by swimmerbabe11


Nittorp heightening?


TV drawfs Nittorp

I got a Nittorp tv stand. But it is so short. As short as (if not shorter than)  my coffee table. Which is awkward…What would y’all suggest to heighten said tv stand?

(tv can’t be mounted)

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  1. Claude says:

    hi ! I would like to buy your tv furniture if you want… let me know !

  2. Randy says:

    Looking at the instructions, it doesn’t appear to have any flanges or tabs sticking off the legs, which makes things simpler. I would purchase some square steel tubing, cut to the height you need and either paint the entire unit 1 even color with some rattlebomb cans or if you don’t mind spending some money have an auto body shop powder coat to match. The hard part will be getting all the holes drilled in the right spot in the tubing. Take your time measuring, use a punch or large nail to dimple the metal prior to drilling, and pre-drill a guide hole with a 1/16″/1.6mm drill bit or so before drilling the actual size called for on the tubes.

    For the threaded holes you can either use a cheapo tap/die set, or drill those holes a tiny bit oversize, get some nuts that match the screws for the piece, tighten them down on the inside of the tube and then put a couple of drops of your favorite CA glue or 2 part epoxy on them to hold them in place for assembly.

  3. Dan says:

    Not sure how to attach, but I think some of the metal wheels would raise the height and add some versatility too!

  4. Jeff pellarin says:

    How about, buy a second one, saw off the legs, and stack them?

  5. SD-Cr8 says:

    “Start from the table top and cut your longer length”…

    table top

  6. SD-Cr8 says:

    That’s a tricky one.

    I’d use Nicole’s idea. The right-angled strips I buy would be longer than the current legs tho’. Start from the able top and cut your longer length. At the top of the table you’ll have the edges of the new ‘legs’, perhaps burr/round off any sharpness. Yes there are edges but the legs will look like complete legs, the table will look as one. From that pic it looks like there’s the slightest overlap of the table-top over the tops of the legs so it might not be that bad.

    You could also place more screws/bolts, strengthening it in more places, from the very top to the bottom of the Nittorp legs, considering it will hold a TV. Make a nice evenly spaced screw/bolt look . Perhaps try painting it too. Or if the right-angled strips were silver or black, you never know, the 4 new legs might look alright with the blue.

    I’m only saying this because the fussy person I am, it might look odd with the ‘extensions’/overlap.

    Argh, looking at this again, the screws/nuts might only be able to be used on the sides, any screws/nuts on the front might mess with the sliding doors?

    Good luck tho’.

  7. Nicole says:

    I would buy some square steel or aluminum that has an inner dimension a hair bigger then the existing legs. Drill holes on 2 sides, slide the pieces over, then add screws or a bolt and nut through the existing legs. You’ll need to have a bit of overlap between the bottom of the old legs and the new legs… say, 3-6″. To make it a better fit and more permanent, feel free to use construction adhesive on the inside of the legs to fill any small gap between the old legs and the inside of the new legs.

    Good luck!

  8. Jenny says:

    How much taller would you want it to be?

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